THE BLUEBEARDSCome On-A My House / I\’m Home (Date 2-1547) Feb 1967

I dig this 45 by The Bluebeards. The top side \’Come On-A My House\’ is a fast paced psych mover with an \’Eastern\’ vibe. Not sure where the band originated from , so if anyone knows be sure to let me know. The writer credits on the label are R. Bagdasarian and W. Saroyan.

The flip \’I\’m Home\’ is also cool but is more of a homage to the fab four. It kinda sounds like merseybeat but with the obvious updated sounds of \’67…and it\’s a \’turned-on\’ swinger. Yeah! The writer credits for this song is E. Michaels.

As far as I know both sides of this 45 remain uncompiled. It\’s a shame it\’s not more widely known but at least I\’ve got the record archived in my collection.


  1. I downloaded this as an mp3 during the glory days of early Napster. I, too, like this goofy record! GREAT PICTURE SLEEVE, BTW!That R. Bagdasarian must be the ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS guy, don\’tcha think?(I contributed the download to a U-SPACES a few years back, but I think it\’s safe to say it reamins \”uncomped.\”)

  2. \”Come On-A My House\” had been a big hit for Rosemary Clooney back in 1951. I like her version a lot, but have never heard this one. The song was written by Ross Bagdasarian (later to be known as David Seville of \”Witch Doctor\” and Chipmunks fame) and his cousin, playwright William Saroyan.

  3. Hi CraigI first heard \’Come On-A My House\’ from that u-spaces CDR but needed to own an original because the sound quality on Psych Arch ain\’t too good.And thanks euphonic for your reply. I never knew the song was cover. Way back in 1951? Wow!Also it does appear that The Chipmunks have a link to this 45.

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