THE BYRDS – Feel A Whole Lot Better

The Byrds – All I Really Want To Do / Feel A Whole Lot Better (CBS 201796) 1965

Not much more can be said about The Byrds right? After all they were perhaps America\’s finest ever group during 1965 to 1967.

Their early 45s are timeless classics and do not sound dated at all. Every year there seems to be a band emerge on the scene with the jangly guitar, mop tops and Byrds swagger.

The 45 pictured is the mono UK release on CBS and boy does it play loud. In those days they really knew how to master records to vinyl!
\’All I Really Want To Do\’ was the top side of the record and was of course the follow up to \’Mr Tambourine Man\’. Sales were disappointing and the record stumbled into the top half of the thirties in the UK charts.
It\’s a shame because it\’s a cool cover of Dylan\’s song. Maybe the bad press on the English tour halted it\’s progress up the charts.

Flip the record over and you get Gene Clark\’s masterpiece. What a killer performance \’Feel A Whole Lot Better Is\’. Well, I guess you all know that anyway. This could possibly be my most played 45 of all time.

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