TONY JACKSON – Love Potion No. 9

TONY JACKSON with the Vibrations – Love Potion No.9 / Fortune Teller (Pye 7N.15766) 1965

After leaving success behind with The Searchers, Tony Jackson formed his own band and signed for Pye. It was a risky decision. After all, The Searchers were very popular in England and Europe. According to Jackson, he wanted to sing much \’harder and more beaty numbers.\’

\’Love Potion No. 9\’ was Tony Jackson\’s third 45 release. The previous two singles sold moderately but were not huge sellers. This cover of the Leiber and Stoller song again flopped. The flip \’Fortune Teller\’ is a pounding R\’n\’B killer with cornball lyrics. The first version I ever heard was way back in the 80s when I bought The Fire Escape LP. Their version pales in comparison.
Here\’s a moody looking band shot of Tony Jackson and the Vibrations. This picture came from a Teenbeat annual.

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  1. i remember catching one of those progranmes where experts come in someone's home to root amongst the junk for antiques to make some dosh and it featured the searchers late 60's drummer [with the fuzzy hair] clearing out his old memorabilia-i liked a lot of their music right up to the sire albums

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