The BAN – Bye Bye – Now That I\’m Hoping (Brent 7049) 1966

This band started life in Lompoc, California and released a 45 as The Ban on Brent. They were comprised of Tony McGuire (guitar,vocals), Oliver McKinney (keyboards), Frank Straight (bass) and Randy Gordon (drums).
\’Bye Bye\’ written by Tony McGuire is a great teen punker with eerie organ and tambourine frills and an amatuerish guitar break. Hear it on Garage Beat Volume 1.
The flip \’Now That I\’m Hoping\’ is a pleasant slow paced pop song, similar to The Zombies sound (at least to my ears) and remains uncompiled.

Tony McGuire left the band soon after to be replaced by David Zandonatti. They relocated to Los Angeles and changed their name from The Ban to The Now and signed for Embassy Records.

 The NOW – I Want / Like A Flying Bird (Embassy C-1963) 1967

\’I Want\’ credited to all four members of the Now is a fabulous punk swinger with go go organ. Whenever I think of the 66/67 LA sound I hear this kind of groovy music in my head. I\’m not sure if it\’s ever been compiled.

\’Like A Flying Bird\’ is also a good song. It\’s got a lovely melody and has far more in common with the baroque sounds of The Left Banke. Just a great 60s pop record as far as I\’m concerned.

After this one 45 for Embassy thet left LA and travelled to San Francisco. There they changed their name once again, this time to Tripsichord Music Box. I\’m sure more people have heard of this band as they released possibly the West Coast\’s finest acid/psychedelic album of the late 60s. But don\’t expect garage punk or baroque pop songs!

I rec\’d this email from a contact who saw The Ban back in the 60s….

I heard The Ban twice when they performed at the Vandenberg Air Force Base Teen Center near Lompoc, California in late 1965 or early 1966. They were very impressive and in addition to ‘Now that I’m Hoping” and other material they covered almost all of the songs from Rubber Soul, which was quite a feat. 

Their single received some local airplay and I remember hearing it a couple of times on the school bus radio during early 1966 while completing my senior year at Lompoc High School. I always liked it, but that was the last I heard of The Ban and their song, although I remember seeing their bass player performing with another group, which may have been The Now – or Tripsichord – a year or two later at a dance in L.A.

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  1. I remember the Ban. I was at Vandenberg AFB and went to LOMPOC HS and Cabrillo HS. I remember the bass player, Frank Straight. It was a long time ago, but I recall they had a great sound.

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