THE OTHERS – Can\’t Help But Cry EP (Twist 36T 017) 1997

What did the Romans ever do for us? or something like that, was a famous quote from Monty Python Film \’The Life Of Brian\’…Well apart from roads and sanitation they gave us The Others in the mid 90s!

I completely LOVE The Others. I\’m a sucker for 12 string jangle and these guys used it in abundance on their records. I was so glad I discovered them by reading Italian fanzine Misty Lane, and they could well be my all time favourite neo garage psych group.

This 4 track EP came out in \’97. Your loss if you\’ve never heard it so be sure to track it down. The first track is \’Can\’t Help But Cry\’. This is fast paced 12 string mayhem with a cool backbeat. It really is excellent folk punk showing that these Italian hipsters were on their game when this was recorded live at Delta Studios in Rome.

A cover of \’Elevator Operator\’, the Gene Clark classic follows next and it\’s a faithful rendition of the song with plenty of 12 string action and fuzz leads. The vocals are crisp and polished.
Side B kicks off with \’Do You Believe What I Say?\’ This song is firmly set somewhere in a 1966 garage. It could be The Leaves! This time around we are not treated to jangle but fuzz and punky attitude. There is a cool lead guitar break mid way through.

\’You\’ll Never Know\’ is again backed with 12 string and pleasant vocals. Could almost be a ballad. All songs, apart from the Gene Clark cover are band originals written by Massimo del Pozzo. He also produced the songs along with Bruno Apostoli.


  1. Hey ExpoThanks for reminding me of this single. It was in heavy rotation when it came out 10(!) years ago.Check out my blog if you have a chance. I am covering more than garage as I am into old funk and soul a bit as well:cratedig.blogspot.comCheers,Rich

  2. The Others are great and I had the chance to meet Massimo and see his band with Craig Moore from famous Gonn sometimes in 1994 in Piacenza festival. Have almost all of their records. Thanks for your kind words about it.And sharing with people. Cheers.

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