THE JAYBIRDS – \”Happy Day\” / \”It Wasn\’t Right\” (Ilsa Records 69009) 1999

Austrian band The Jaybirds are well worth your efforts in tracking down their records. These are becoming harder to locate especially the early EPs on Ilsa.

This Vienna based neo R&B band\’s passion was the mid 60s English blues influenced combos and their early recordings are faithful to this type of music. Fortunately almost all of the 45 tracks were band originals and immaculately conceived sounding like long lost treasures from 1964/65.

One look at their cool mod image and bowl haircuts means that these guys are gonna take themselves seriously. This record contained two surprising covers of very obscure bands from 60s Austria.

\’It Wasn\’t Right\’ was first recorded back in 1968 by a 3 piece group called Expiration, who were considered the Austrian \’Cream\’. The song doesn\’t sound like Cream what so ever. It\’s got a \’mod\’ sound but not the soul sound if you know what I mean? More in keeping with English legends like Fleur de Lys or The Attack. Anyway, you\’ll dig the swirling organ that\’s way up front in the mix and the cool guitar break.

\’Happy Day\’ was originally recorded by Charles Ryder\’s Corporation. Charles Ryder, also known as Karl Ratzer was the former lead guitarist of The Slaves. The Jaybirds really pull this cover out of the bag with a more soulful approach, again with nice organ flourishes and good solid musicianship and vocals. It\’s quite a powerful performance.


  1. hi,the record was released in late 98. the organpart was played by a friend of ours called znarf huber who recieved unfortunately no credits on the record….but in the end i think we all didnt receive any credits on that:-)-no idea why…cheerspatrick \”jaybird\” nagl

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