Loos Foos And The Fiberglass Cornflake – I Think I\’ve Got You / Bless Me Father (Ace Record Co ARS-135) Sept 1969

Here\’s a weird 45! The top side \’I Think I\’ve Got You\’ and the one the band or record company thought would sound better on the radio is a pleasant enough pop song. It has a \’soulful\’ feel and above average vocals. It\’s even an OK song but it doesn\’t really do much for me. Maybe because of the \’soul\’ vibe and soul just ain\’t my cup of tea maan.

The flip however is more my scene. \’Bless Me Father\’ is a cool psychedelic song with haunting organ, distorted guitar and wah wah…..it\’s also blessed with some fuzz. This song has turned up on the CD only \’A Fistful Of Fuzz\’ compilation in the late 90s.

Both songs were written by R. Sousa. I don\’t know anything about the band apart from the rumour that they hailed from Rhode Island in New England, so any information will be appreciated.

\’Bless me father for I have sinned.
And these are my sins.\’


  1. hey there,was at the beach yesterday with my dad and ran into eddie foos (of loos foos and the fiberglass cornflake) took a photo with em, my dad and him go way back, father played drums with eddie for years…i was curious if you had an mp3 of any of their stuff…trying to connect my fathers memories, thanks!

  2. I don\’t send out MP3s.Try tracking down \’A Fistfull Of Fuzz\’ CD comp that \’Bless Me Father\’ is on.

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