THE PINK FLOYD – Scarecrow

THE PINK FLOYD – See Emily Play / Scarecrow (Columbia DB 8214) June 1967

Most people should be familiar with the Pink Floyd classic \’See Emily Play\’. It is quite rightly regarded as a psychedelic masterpiece. Most, if not all of Syd Barrett\’s songs during this time period were.

So, I\’ll focus instead on the flip titled simply \’Scarecrow\’ although the song appeared as \’The Scarecrow\’ on the LP \’Piper At The Gates Of Dawn\’.

This delightful song did not have the full scale production of \’See Emily Play\’.

Instead this is a very delicate and gentle song. Some people label this type of psych as \’toytown\’ I\’m not sure about that. All I know for definite is \’Scarecrow\’ has a very minimalistic backing and shows more of Syd Barrett\’s eccentric genius. The song has a beautiful melody and the atmospherics are generated as much by the vocal delivery as the percussion and the mainly mellotron sounds.

After the last verse, so typical of Pink Floyd, a heavier feel ends the song with Waters\’ bass guitar taking a moodier and menacing tone. Indeed one of the true great late 60s psychedelic 45s was released on Columbia DB 8214 and thankfully I own a copy.

Pink Floyd performing at the \”14 Hour Technicolour Dream\”
April 29th, 1967
(scanned from \”I Want To Take You Higher\”)


  1. Hallo from Italy!Great blog you\’ve got…just found it jumping on the net!Keep passion alive!

  2. one of my favs of all times…by far.started with surf, then raw beat, then garage, then psych.Course the Floyd was my main reference and Syd too.

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