HAMILTON STREETCAR – \”Invisible People\” / \”Flash\” (LHI Records 17016) August 1967

Here\’s an obscure and sought after psychedelic 45. Hamilton Streetcar hailed from Los Angeles and recorded two 45s for Lee Hazlewood\’s LHI Record label. He also produced this record and the follow up \’Confusion\’ / \’Your Own Come Down\’ (LHI 1206)

\’Invisible People\’ starts off with a menacing organ riff then the bass, guitar and drums come pounding in to add more coolness. This song is without question their most garage punk moment but it\’s also got that hint of psychedelia that makes it a very memorable performance. Ralph Plummer wrote \’Invisible People\’ and for those of you who don\’t have an original 45 check it out on Highs In The Mid Sixties Volume 3.

The song is probably about dropping acid. Check out these lyrics.

\”They\’re gonna get you baby, They\’re gonna make you invisible too. You\’re gonna walk around in the dark And people are gonna trip on your transparent body. I wouldn\’t worry too much though, It\’s fun to be invisible. I know I tried it.\”

Plummer was also responsible for the top side \’Flash\’ This song is a laid back psychedelic affair with sound affects, swirling organ and weird whispering vocals near the end. \’Flash\’ was compiled on Psychedelic Unknowns Volume 11. 


  1. Hey Expo, thanks for posting this! I got the song on a comp from Sir Maggot and included it n Hanging On For Mercy #18… right handy to find this info when I needed it!

  2. I was a onetime road manager for the Hamilton Streetcar at a time when Forrest Hamilton(Jazz drummer great Chico hamilton\’s son)was the manager and the gigs were UCLA frat parties, all night Hullabaloo gigs(on the revolving stage) and my last gig with them was the night they opened for Jim Morrison and the Doors at the Cheetah in \’68. I had been a high school friend of their drummer(one of many) Danny Fanz. I\’ve always wondered what ever happened to Danny.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Rocknrole.I\’m always interested to hear from musicians involved in bands I write about aswell as their entourage, label owners etc.Those first two Hamilton street Car 45s are killer.

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