HAMILTON STREETCAR – \”Confusion\” / \”Your Own Come Down\” (LHI 45-1206) Feb 1968
Second and last Hamilton Streetcar45 on the LHI label. After this record they signed for Dot Records and released a further three 45s and a neglected but interesting album.
\’Confusion\’ reminds me of early Cream records from 1966 (when they were still good). It\’s fast tempo with excellent instrumentation and very well produced but still has a \’loose\’ feel. A cool psychedelic rock record.
\’I\’ve heard you talk and I know you\’re confused. You\’re just hung up by the words that you use.\’
\’Your Own Come Down\’ written by Ralph Plummer is a slower paced song with organ throughout. It\’s a strange amalgam of styles. It has a strong Doors influence with a Spencer Davis Group \’Gimme Some Lovin\’ organ rip. I dig this song very much indeed. Both songs appear to be uncompiled.
Hamilton Streetcar supported The Doors at the Phoenix Memorial Coliseum on 17th February 1968. Sunshine Company were also on the same bill.
gig photos of Hamilton Streetcar from the Doug Hartley archive.


  1. Jay & MIchael & Ralph wrote \”Confusion\” to be a \”B\” side, as I recall for the flip side of \”Your Own Come Down\” and yes it was \”inspired\” by a recent Cream LP and does have that \”feel.\” \”Come Down\” does have several obvious influences as well, the most obvious in fact being Country Joe & Fish as well as Spencer Davis. Producer Hazlewood admitted, \”I just don't know what to do with these guys, they're all over the musical map and I never know what they'll come up with next!\” ( I know this stuff 'cuz I as there.)

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