STONE COUNTRY – Time Isn\’t There (Anymore)

Stone Country – \’Time Isn\’t There (Anymore)\’ /\’Life Stands Daring Me\’ (RCA Victor 47-9301) 1967
 Excelent late 60s group of country rockers from California. Not sure what part of California exactly but their recordings were made in Hollywood.

Stone Country consisted of Dann Barry (bass), Steve Young (lead guitar), Don Beck (12 string guitar and banjo), Dennis Conway (drums), Richard Lockmiller (rhythm guitar) and Doug Brooks (also rhythm guitar).
Steve Young would go on to become a country rock star when Stone Country disbanded and Don Beck would later work with Dillard and Clark.

This was their first 45 for RCA Victor. They would release three more, aswell as an awsome album in 1968. Well I think it\’s an amazing album, very hard to categorise but I\’ll have a go and say it\’s psychedelic country (whatever that means) but you can get the picture. Basically if you dig late period Byrds and in particular their Notorious Byrd Brothers phaze, you\’ll dig not only the album but you\’ll want to own their 45s aswell.

The plug side of this 45 was the Dann Barry and Doug Brooks song \’Time Isn\’t There (Anymore)\’. It\’s a beautiful country tinged psych tune full of harmonies and a wall of guitar sound. Pretty damned cool bass runs aswell.
This song was recently compiled on \’turned-on\’ CD Soft Sounds For Gentle People Volume 2.

The uncompiled \’Life Stands Daring Me\’ again treads a country psych path and is just as good as the top side. Notable for the closing raga guitar sound. This song was written by Don Beck.

It\’s also worth mentioning that Stone Country were slated to do recordings and possibly appear in some scenes in the late 60s LSD comedy caper Skidoo starring Mickey Rooney and Groucho Marx. Unfortunately this never materialized and all of the songs for the film were Harry Nilsson\’s.

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  1. Hi…nice blurb about Stone Country there. I wonder if they were slated to make a 2nd album; I do know that a promo 45 exists in which the songs are \”Wheel\’s On Fire\” and \”Million Dollar Bash\”, both of which were not on their first LP. I do really like their first LP although I could do without the syrupy-sweet \”Angelina\”, but at least that cut\’s at the end of the record.

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