KAK – Everything\’s Changing

KAK – Everything\’s Changing (mono) / Everything\’s Changing (stereo) (Epic 10383) 1968

Thankfully Kak have been well cared for by the re-issue market and their excellent album was compiled onto CD by Big Beat in 1999 titled Kak-Ola. The cool thing about this release was that not only did they re-issue the 1969 LP, but 45s and previously unreleased demos and live tracks. Well worth your investigation if you don\’t already own the CD.

Kak hailed from Davis in California. The line up was Dehner Patten (lead guitar/vocals), Gary Yoder (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Joseph Damrell (bass) and Christopher Lockheed (drums). Yoder of course previously led The Oxford Circle whose punk 45 from 1966 \’Foolish Woman\’ / \’Mind Destruction\’ (World United 1002) is more than worth your interest.

The interesting thing about this Kak 45 under the Expo spotlight is that the shortened version of \’Everything\’s Changing\’ is in mono and was not present on the Big Beat round up and is technically uncompiled and unavailable elsewhere.

Coming in at 2 minutes 40 seconds it\’s a much stronger version, typically louder and much more punchy as with most mono 45s. It more or less fades out at the end before the guitar soloing of the LP version (which is on the flip). I much prefer this \’radio friendly\’ non hit record. I\’d be surprised if it ever got past the promo stage.


  1. i only have the demo too,not seen a stock.theres defo promo+stock of ive got time as i have them both.purepl_pill67

  2. no worries,did PM you on GP as i couldnt post on here the other day.always missed out on the gary yoder solo 45 too :-(P_P67

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