PLASTICLAND – \’Flower Scene\’ / \’In My Black And White\’ (Midnight Records MID 4510) 1985

Plasticland were one of those bands from the 80s that certainly struck a chord with me. It wasn\’t that common that neo bands from USA would be influenced by 60s Englishness. Most bands those days followed the garage punk tradition.

This Milwaukee band had been releasing 45s on various labels for five years before \’Flower Scene\’ came out on Midnight Records. What you get on this record are two excellent psychedelic tunes and over the top psychy lyrics.

\’Flower sceptre explodes tonight
It showers the hall with liquid light
There\’s a bubble blowing in the air
There\’s a bubble blowing out down there
Flower scene\’…..

The flip \’In My Black And White\’ again favours 60s English psychedelia style. Not the twee examples but the paths The Creation or The Who created during 1966. According to Glenn Rehse this song was featured on the soundtrack to the film River Of Rags, an art piece produced and directed by 4TA.

Both songs are band originals written by Rehse and Frankovic. Also another bit of useless information for you, scribed in the dead wax of \’Flower Scene\’ is the message No Flowers No Scene….. 

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