THE BUCANEER\’S – \”You\’re Never Gonna Love Me Anymore\” / \”I\’m A Fool\” (Amigo RK-104) August 1966

Way back in the 80s I bought Pebbles Volume 9 and The Bucaneer\’s song \’You\’re Never Gonna Love Me Anymore\’ really stood out for me on that comp. (Pebbles Volume 9 was a very strong release with some ultra cool cuts by the way – pity about the sound quality)
The Bucaneer\’s were from Barrington, NJ and sadly only released this one 45. Both sides are classics but it\’s the top side that wins out with it\’s folk punk genius. Dig that clattering tambourine and jangle guitar!! It also wins big style with the singer bragging about cheating on his girl twice before. Makes a change from all of those whiney losers who always seem to get dumped by the girl!.. ha ha ha, this one rocks.
The flip \’I\’m A Fool\’ is another great garage punker with a magical guitar break and I\’m sure you\’ll dig it if you\’ve not heard it before. This time round the singer\’s been dumped by the girl. Oh well, they always seem to win in the end. It has been compiled in the 80s on \’Return Of The Young Pennsylvanians\’. I suspect that LP to be hard to track down now.
Song writing credits for both songs are R. Krause.

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  1. Thanks for the nice review.I'm Don, founder of The Bucaneers. We had a great run in the 60's both before and after the record. Any questions may be directed to Thanks again.

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