SUNDAY FUNNIES – \’A Pindaric Ode\’ / \’Whatcha Gonna Do (When The Dance Is Over)\’ (Valhalla 671) March 1967

This is one of the my favourite garage psych 45s I own. \’A Pindaric Ode\’ not only wins prizes for the cool song title it also basks in the glory of greatness for the way the singer delivers the song in a \’laid back I\’m on acid\’ kind of way. It also features over the top organ and spirals into a frenzy of backwards tape effects at it\’s climax. A very cool song indeed.

The almost spoken lyrics are frankly incoherent mumblings and virtually impossible to decipher. But I think it\’s about tripping on a grass verge and watching the world go by (something I enjoyed doing in my formative years in the 80s, ha,ha ha).

One of the few lines I can sort of make out is…

\’I was gonna take a trip to flower heaven,
Now I\’m gonna stay here till about seven.\’

By the way The Sunday Funnies came from Altadena, CA and only released this one fabulous record. Flip the 45 over and you\’ve got \’Whatcha Gonna Do (When The Dance Is Over) and the chance to listen to a brilliant up tempo mod swinger complete with background female vocals.
This song really moves.

Both songs were written by Chick Carlton.

The first time I heard \’A Pindaric Ode\’ was on Pebbles Volume 7. It has since been compiled along with the flip on the CD East Side Sound Volume 1.

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