JIMMY CURTISS – Psychedelic Situation

JIMMY CURTISS \’Psychedelic Situation\’ / \’Gone But Not Forgotten\’ (Laurie 3315) April 1967

Jimmy Curtiss was quite a well known singer songwriter in the mid to late 60s, even continuing his \’success\’ into the 70s with TV Commercials. It was \’Psychedelic Situation\’ that got this New Yorker noticed though, even securing an underground hit in Germany. And here\’s me thinking that Germans just grew strange mustaches and had \’mullet\’ hair styles. Oh well, they may have some taste after all.

If you have any passing interest in \’bubblegum\’ music you\’ll already dig this record. For those of you who haven\’t heard it before. It\’s got the required bouncy rhythm and catchy melodies that most good bubblegum had. This \’hit\’ even had the rather corny lyrics much loved by this genre.

\’I\’m in a kind of new dimension,
A kind of mind extension,
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,
Psychedelic, psychedelic situation.\’

The flip \’Gone But Not Forgotten\’ is also a catchy song with less of a bubblegum backing and more of a folk rock feel. Very simple but very commercial sounding. For my particular taste though Jimmy\’s falsetto vocals are a bit too much for me. It remains uncompiled but who knows it may surface on a future Gear!

Curtiss would later become a member of studio psych pop outfit The Hobbits. The latter released three LPs in the late 60s and lovers of soft psychedelia are advised to check out these records. Perhaps their coolest song was \’Strawberry Children\’ which was written by Curtiss and \’Down To Middle Earth\’ a rather slow burning piece of psychedelia.

For the record \’Psychedelic Situation\’ was compiled on the vinyl only Pebbles Volume 16.


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