1. I am in contact with Scott Ashley, co-leader of the King Biscuit Entertainers — formerly of the Seattle area, he is now based in Nashville where he continues to play professionally. He only recently became aware of renewed interest in KBE music, and is now working to remaster all their tapes in digital format for possible CD reissue. The band began as \”Genesis\”, with one single [Window of Sand/Get Me To Chicago} released under that name before they discovered that at least two other groups — including the Peter Gabriel lot — were also recording under that name. They thus became \”King Biscuit Entertainers\” and then the abbreviated KBE. Scott tells me that he still wishes they could have remained \”Genesis\” as he says \”I just liked that name\”.

  2. Thanks John T for that information. I like King Biscuit Entertainers music. It\’s very well played and produced.I did know of their origins of being called Genesis. I don\’t have that single but have the history of The Wyld Knights LP on voxx. This came out in the 80s and includes the Genesis record and a KBE track \’Now, Baby I Love You\’

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