The Grateful Dead – Cream Puff War / The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion) (Warner Brothers 7016) 17th March 1967
This was the first Warner Bros single released by acid rock legends Grateful Dead. If you think the Dead were mostly boring 5 hour stoned guitar solos and tedious songs about nothing in particular, then you\’d be almost right. They did have their moment of sheer brilliance and this 45 was it.
\’Cream Puff War\’ is almost garage punk. I say almost because it was produced by Dave Hassinger. He produced bands such as the Byrds, Love, Jefferson Airplane, Rolling Stones and Electric Prunes, so you ain\’t gonna get garage from this guy. He was too good a producer. However, if the Grateful Dead had a budget of $100 and 2 hours studio time and produced it themselves (like most teen punks) I reckon this single would have sounded a raw garage punker and would now be adulated by every garage nazi in the world.
Here\’s some useless information about \’Cream Puff War\’. This song has only ever been played in live performances 5 times. I got this statistic from some Dead Head site.
The flip \’The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)\’ is more psychedelic and just as good. This 45 version is a different mix to that used for the album released a few months later.
Band members on this record were:
Jerry Garcia (guitar/vocals)
Bill Kreutzmann (drums)
Phil Lesh (bass)
Pigpen (keyboards/harmonica)
Bob Weir (guitar)
The Grateful Dead rule on this disc….

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  1. Two fabulous tracks from the greatest live band I have ever seenActually this was their 2nd 45, the1st was \”Don't Ease Me In\” / \”Stealin'\” on Scorpio 1966 and that's pretty nifty as well.

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