THE LYRICS – ”Mr Man” / ”Wait” (London Records Top 1213) 1967

I was more than delighted to secure this classy double sided garage psych gem for my collection earlier this year. I already had the GNP Crescendo 393 release but needed this one simply because it had a picture cover. As with most Japanese covers it came with an insert of the song lyrics which I’ll post here. Fortunately, they were also in English!

’Wait’ mixes what sounds like a guitar sounding like a sitar, must have used a vox wah wah peddle and tambourine over a plodding drum beat. All sounds very simple and works great.

You’ve gotta wait, wait, get hold of yourself
You’ve gotta wait, wait, just look at yourself
You’ve gotta wait before you lose it.

You used to be the coolest cat that I know
But now you’re mixed up, you don’t know where to go

You’ve gotta cool off, step back, take a good look
Just cool off, step back, don’t put yourself on a hook

Webster’s Dictionary couldn’t tell youHow to ease your troubled mind
But I know that you can do it
If you’ll just take the time

’Mr Man’ was the top side and deemed the one to become a hit. It sounds very commercial and probably should have been one. I particularly dig the psychedelic guitar break and the background ’Mr Maaans’ that can be just heard behind the lead vocals.

Well hey Mr. Man
Just ’cause I got the things that you never had
That don’t give you no account to write my Dad
You know you better leave him alone

And hey Mr. Man
You think you got something on me Mr. Man
Just because my life is free Mr. Man
And do the things that I want to do.

Well that don’t give you no right to tell my friends
They’re on and out and they won’t be aware
You better listen Mr. Man
You know you better leave me alone Mr. Man
’Cause you know I’m not alone Mr. Man

There’s a lot more guys like me on the road.
Go away Mr. Man, leave me alone
Go away, yeah, I said go away.

The Lyrics players on this record according to the cover liners were:

Craig Carll (vocals)
Bill Garcia (lead guitar)
Danny Garcia (bass)
Jack Flannary (drums)
Dave Compton (keyboards)

Both songs were written by Craig Carll and produced by Harlon Peacock & Don Ralke.

Of course both songs have been heavily compiled over the years.


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  1. Hey great site My name is Dan Garcia I was browsing the web and found this site and saw one of our songs \”Wake Up To My Voice\”. I played bass for the Lyrics,it was a great experience for us.When my brother bill got drafted and went right to Nam Craig Carll and I kept the name and kept playing with other players till he came back.We did get the original group back together and started up again but never got back into recording though we did continue playing locally for many years.There is a my space sight I just started upand can be found at

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