FANTASTIC DEE-JAYS – \’Get Away Girl\’ / \’Fight Fire\’ (Tri Power TRB-421) 1966
The Fantastic Dee-Jays have been well documented over the years so I\’ll keep it brief. Also this rare 45 has been re-issued on Get Hip in 1995. But there\’s nothing like hearing the original mono 45, right?
The Fantastic Dee-Jays came from McKeesport, Pennsylvania and later became The Swamp Rats. The members on this Tri Power 45 were Bob Hocko (drums), Denny Nicholson (bass, vocals) and Dick Newton (guitar, vocals) all three would play in The Swamp Rats.
\’Fight Fire\’ is a cool folk punker with 12 string guitar buried in the mix over a pounding drum beat and tortured vocals. The first time I heard this song was the cover by The Chesterfield Kings on their 1985 album \’Stop!\’ That\’s a really great cover as well folks.
The original \’Fight Fire\’ was written by John Fogerty and Tom Fogerty when they were in The Golliwogs, and came out on Scorpio 405 in 1966. The Golliwogs would rename themselves Creedence Clearwater Revival of course.
Band original \’Get Away Girl\’ is a fantastic 60s punk tune with selfish male to female put down lyrics. Just when you think it can\’t get any better you\’re \’punished\’ by an outrageous 12 string guitar break.

\”Get away girl, I don\’t want you anymore,
And now it\’s my turn to watch you cry,
And now it\’s my turn to watch you die,
And now it\’s my turn to see you fade away.\”

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