THE TWILIGHTS – \’Time And Motion Study Man\’ (EMI 1 sided test pressing) 1967

Australian band The Twilights are a band I discovered in the late 80s when Raven Records put out a collection of their singles and better album cuts. I was knocked out by the great pop music on offer and don\’t know why I\’ve not really focused my attention on collecting their 45s.
The above test pressing of \’Time And Motion Study Man\’ is the only one I\’ve got so far. It\’s a flower pop sitar killer with background psychy harmonies. It all sound very English and probably was written during or straight after their return to Australia following a month long stay in England soaking up all of the influences.

They had a week long stint of gigs at The Cavern Club, Liverpool during this time and also listened in on The Beatles recording \’Strawberry Fields\’ at Abbey Road, London.

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