THE MOFFS – \’Another Day In The Sun\’ / \’Clarodomineaux\’ (Citadel 012) Feb 1985

During the mid 80s Australia were the leaders in the pack for psychedelic bands and The Moffs on their early records were one of the best. \’Another Day In The Sun\’ starts with a killer guitar intro. The riff will stay with you long after the record has finished. It builds slowly into a moody mass of guitar noise before slipping softly away with gentle piano. It\’s a very well produced record. I remember reading many articles and reviews about The Moffs in England\’s guitar band magazine \’Bucketfull Of Brains\’.

The flip side is the strangely named \’Clarodomineaux\’. This cut has a garagey groove, almost funky with the drum beat. To me this one sounds like some of those early Stone Roses tunes but years before they released anything.
It\’s also got a weird, almost baroque mid song interlude with female vocals before kicking back into the garage groove. It\’s a difficult song to pigeon hole. All I know is that I dig it!

The Moffs were:

Tom Kazas (vocals, songwriter)
Nick Potts (organ)
Alan Hislop (drums)
David Byrnes (bass)

producer: Chris Logan

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