The SOMELOVES – \’Melt\’ / \’Jack Robinson\’ (White Label Records K1015) 1989

The label states \’This is a real pop recording\’ and I ain\’t gonna argue with that. \’Melt\’ is a classic.
The Someloves by 1989 were in effect Don Mariani (ex Stems) and Daryl Mather (ex Lime Spiders) plus assorted session players. This release was their third single. I\’ll most likely review the others at a later stage, because they rock as well.

\’Melt\’ is a power pop gem with a glorious guitar hook that sticks in the mind. It\’s also got a wah wah guitar solo that slays. This music is superior to almost anything that was released in those dark days of \’89 when the most I could hope for was average punk from a tired and almost extinct garage revival. Dom Mariani is a legend make no mistake about that.

This track was included on The Someloves LP \’Something Or Other\’. The flip \’Jack Robinson\’ was not part of that album and is only available on this record. It\’s an OK pop song but not a patch on the top side and I personally don\’t care much for the drumming which is a basic plod by numbers. Could have done with more dynamics. Maybe the production just sounds too clean for my tastes.

other info:
These two songs were recorded in June/July 1989 at Planet Studios, Perth and produced by Mitch Easter and John Villani.

Don Mariani (vocals, lead guitar, 12 string guitar)
Darryl Mather (guitar)
Robbie Scorer (drums)
Tony Italiano (bass)

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  1. You\’ve obviously got very similar tastes to my own, ranging through both garage and great pop. I bought all my SomeLoves stuff at Pier Platters in Hoboken, right from the earliest single. However, it was this later stuff that really defined what the band would be, since it wasn\’t until the Stems had split that it became a full-time thing. As I recall, however, my favorite was always \”Girl Soul\”, which evidently had its origins as a Stems\’ song which never was completely finished.

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