THE WYLDE MAMMOTHS – \’Help That Girl\’ EP (Crypt 45-3) 1988

This Swedish four piece were formed by ex Crimson Shadows member Peter Maniette and they offer the listener an updated R&B cocktail with just a hint of folk rock for added coolness. They certainly impressed Tim Warren enough to offer them a record deal on his Crypt label.

\’Help That Girl\’ EP was The Wylde Mammoths second single. All four songs are good to great and all hint at the sound of 60s bands like The Downliners Sect and The Pretty Things. \’Help That Girl\’ sounds like a 1965 R&B punker, \’Nothing I Can Do\’ is pure 1966 garage with a good guitar break, \’You\’ is another 1965 R&B groover but \’In My Lonely Room\’ is a slow tempo bluesy tune with a guitar riff borrowed heavily from Mouse and the Traps \’Public Execution\’.
I reckon the R&B tracks would have been elevated to essential if they had used maracas and/or harp.

other info:
The seven inches of pleasure was recorded on the 14th and 15th of November 1987 at Nybro Studio in Stockholm. But not released on Crypt until 1988.

band members:
Peter Maniette (guitar/vocals)
Patrick Emt (bass)
Stellan Wahlstrom (drums/tambourine)
Per Wannerberg (guitar)


  1. These guys came to NYC in the summer of \’87 and were absolutely MINDBLOWING!Help That Girl is another of my faves.

  2. I saw them in Rimini,Italy around \’87 too, they were soo drunk but played great (ended up with just 3 of them, the other guitarist was too wasted!)Peter Maniette was fantastic…when the later version of the band came back, around 1990 (?) it was not the same though, all different guys plus Peter…good to see them though…every now and then i wonder what Peter has been up to…does anyone know?

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