THE DAWNBREAKERS – \’Sea In A Shell\’ / \’Remember\’ (Blink Records 2001) 1999
If your particular bag is melodic \’67 psychedelia and I\’m thinking of bands like Yankee Dollar, MC2 or Neighborhood Children then you\’ll flip for these guys. By all accounts this was a band made of ex players from The Optic Nerve, Vibrasonic, The Vice Barons and The Bees although I\’ve only been able to establish a definite Vice Barons connection (Marky Connell). So if anyone knows for sure let me know..thanks.
\’Sea In A Shell\’ is just how I dig my neo psych. There is constant 12 string and fuzz action throughout. On top of this heady brew is lilting and echoey female vocals. You could easily mistake this as a long lost 1967 gem. It has a very authentic sound. There is a killer 12 string raga break just like those McGuinn interludes from the Younger Than Yesterday sessions.

\’Remember\’ is similar in style but not as cool as the top side. It\’s still impressive though and a worthy B-side. Both songs were written by Chris Maes.

My record came with a business card so I assume they were a gigging band or were after another record deal. It\’s a shame that this 45 was their only output because they had a lot of talent and a unique sound for the late 90s.
info: The 45 was recorded at Caron\’s basement during May 1999 and their contact was an address in Brussels, Belgium.

band members:
Chris Maes (Hagstrom 8 string bass)

Simon Jones (12 string Mosrite guitar, Vox fuzz guitar, tambourine)

Genevieve Nevin (Farfisa organ, vocals)

Marky Connell (drums)


  1. Yes it is Simon Jones of Vibrasonic playing on The Dawnbreakers single & what a great record it is, I love it.

  2. The Dawnbreakers was only a recording band, there were no live shows done.Chris Maes was previously in Belgian band The Bees & Marky drummed for The Vice Barons, don`t know about The Optic Nerve ?I met Chris when we were both playing in another band in Brussels, I was playing the drums & she was the bassist, we both left that band & she had some songs she wanted to record & asked if I`d play guitar on them, there were 2 other tracks recorded at the same time as the ones on the single but as far as I know they were`nt released.

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