LOS IMPOSIBLES – \’Judy\’ EP (Animal Records 021) 1995

Here\’s a very cool four track EP by Madrid band Los Imposibles. During the 90s Spain had a massive amount of neo 60s bands each covering their chosen path such as mod, garage and psychedelia. Los Imposibles fit into a mod pop category.

\’Judy\’ is a band original and is a pleasant enough pop song but for me it just sets up the next track which happens to be one of my favourite Traffic songs \’Paper Sun\’. Fortunately, they are able to carry the cover version off with some neat sitar sounding guitar and swirling organ.

The second side of the EP offers up \’Groovin\’ & Movin\’, a groovy mod instrumental with funky hammond organ and some brass. I would have preferred killer fuzz guitar solos, but I suppose this will do.

\’Peppermint Frappe\’ is another mod tune following the same template as the previous track. You could be mistaken for thinking this was some tune from a 60s soundtrack.
Los Imposibles released more records after this in a more Beatles vein.

Paco Poza (vocals, guitar, organ)
Javier Palomo (bass)
Gonzalo Lagarto (drums)

All tracks recorded at the Green Drum Studio, Madrid in December 1994.

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