The SOUND EXPLOSION – Hangover Baby

THE SOUND EXPLOSION – \’Hangover Baby\’ / \’Some Other Guy\’ (Pegasus) 1993

Never let the tired old garage prophets tell you that nothing worthwhile was recorded after 1967, infact many insist that everything is rubbish after 1966. Thankfully, I\’m young enough to make my own mind up and I\’m so glad I discovered this brilliant Greek garage band from a Teen Trash LP on Music Maniac in the mid 90s.

I sadly missed out on all of their 45s as a result of catching on late and unfortunately The Sound Explosion\’s killer debut 45 on Pegasus is long gone. Amazingly I started sending emails to a guy called John way back, possibly 5 years ago. This was after posting 80s garage punk nostalgia on a long gone and defunct yahoo site. The \’John\’ in question turned out to be the cool leader of Greek kings The Sound Explosion. He was kind enough to compile a CDR of all of their 45s plus live-in-the studio demos and rehearsals. It\’s a killer comp.

\’Hangover Baby\’ knocked me sideways the first time I played it. What an awesome garage punker. Everything, including the kitchen sink (as they say) is on this slab of teen punk genius. Screaming guitars, hand claps, fuzz solos, farfisa organ solos, punk snarls…the lot. It\’s a definate for consideration in the unlikely event that there is ever a neo garage Back from The Grave type compilation.

\’Some Other Guy\’ can\’t live with this monster but it still has it\’s merits.

other info:

The Pegasus 45 was recorded in September 1992 but not released until the following year.

John Alexopoulos (6 and 12 string Vox guitars, vocals and harp)
Jim Dimopoulos (bass)
Stelios Drissis (farfisa organ, maracas)
Stavros Dactilas (drums, tambourine)


  1. What a great song, as are many that you\’ve been posting about. John\’s Sound Explosion contribution to the Psychotic Infractions comp was a definite highlight for me. I\’d love to track down more of their music.

  2. Hallo from GREECE!!!GREAT blog!!!! check 2 greek groups THE LAST DRIVE and THE MUSHROOMS!!

  3. Nice band.The Mushrooms or the Hydes are also good.But in greece the most legendery album is the ''Underworld Shakedown'' by The Last Drive.Listen to it.And take a ride.

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