THE JAYBIRDS – \’Hold On I\’m Coming\’ / \’Just a Loser\’ / It\’s Too Late\’ / \’You Don\’t Have To Tell Me\’ (Ilsa Records 69007) 1996

Here\’s the second of my Jaybirds reviews. I wrote about one of their killer 45s months ago. Locate it in one of the monthly archives. This cool set of Austrian mods are purist all the way. Just take a look at the cover, I\’m sure you\’ll agree it\’s fabulous.

There are four tracks on this EP, two covers and two originals from Bernhard Gold. The Jaybirds really come good on both covers. \’Hold On I\’m Coming\’ first done by Sam and Dave and written by David Porter sets the scene and that scene is mod soul and the kind I can listen to. \’Just A Loser\’ has always been a personal favourite. First done by John Smith and the New Sound (I think). Their version was a \’biggish\’ hit in most parts of Europe in 1968 but it did nothing in their native England.

If the first side of the EP had a soul vibe going on, the second has a purist R&B approach. I dig this so much and I\’m sure you will too. \’You Don\’t Have To Tell Me\’ pays a massive debt to The Sorrows with the same punk R&B as my mid 60s heroes.
All songs were recorded at the famous TOE-RAG studio in London in May 1995.

Bernhard Gold (vocals and harp)
Norbert Payr (lead guitar)
Markus Zochling (bass)
Patrick Nagl (rhythm guitar)
Thomas Schmitzberger (drums)

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  1. hi, thisone was recorded during one night in londons toe rag studios during a small tour in 95.patrick \”jaybird\” nagl

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