The LYRES – Boston

The LYRES – \’Boston\’ / \’Shake It Some More\’ (Norton Records 45-020) 1993

I\’m not the biggest Lyres fan around and have only maybe got about half of their recorded output but I dig this 45 a lot. \’Boston\’ is of course the Gene Clark demo song that The Byrds overlooked for their debut album. Here, The Lyres strip it back to the bones (not that there was much \’flesh\’ on the original) and create a garage rocker.

It\’s certainly a basic plod but I think it works well because it has a primal beat, heavy bass lines and the mono man\’s Vox Continental organ (which is a cool sound). Mid way through \’Boston\’ the band decide to play \’Dirty Water\’ by The Standells (ha ha ha) it\’s like two great songs for the price of one and all about their home town of Boston.

\’Shake It Some More\’ is another garage rock tune and I\’m sure I\’ve heard it done by some other band. The writer credit is \’Sheridan\’ and it could be an original by Dutch Beat band The Jay Jays. I\’ll do a bit research and confirm later?

Also the band on the cover is obviously not The Lyres. Can anyone confirm who these country looking hicks were on the picture sleeve? The bass player looks like one of those scary inbreeds from 70s film Deliverance.

Jack Hickey (guitar)
Jim Janota (drums)
Rick Coraccio (bass)
Jeff Conolly (vocals, keyboards and tambourine)

\’Boston\’ MP3 is tee\’d up and ready to rock in mono.

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  1. Definitely one of my favorite Lyres\’ singles from after Jeff moved back to Boston in 1990.I\’ll never forget that first show after he came back from San Diego… It was at the Rat in mid-November of \’90 and I drove a couple friends up from NYC. The place was jammed. Supposedly a bigger crowd than they\’d ever had.

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