The FROSTED FLAYKES – Rockin\’ Rhythm

The FROSTED FLAYKES – \’Waste Your Time\’ / \’Rockin\’ Rhythm\’ (Midnight Records 4507) 1984

Ensconced in my favourite Midnight Records picture sleeve (not hard because they were usually rubbish) is this crudely recorded double sided garage 45 by New York band The Frosted Flaykes. Both songs in fairness are virtually the same. One has vocals the other is an instrumental. But both have that raw 60s trashy style that I don\’t normally go for but they win me over with the cover which is Grrrrreat!! as Tony The Tiger would say.

\’Rockin\’ Rhythm\’ is a fuzz blast and I dig the fuzzzz. So play or download the MP3 and make your own mind up.

The line-up on The Frosted Flaykes only 45 were:

Jordan Tarlow (guitar and pan?…told you it was primitive)
Mike Chandler (harmonica)
Fast Freddie (drums)
Joe (bass)

Jordan Tarlow later played with The Outta Place, The Morlocks and the late 80s line up of The Fuzztones. Mike Chandler co-wrote some songs for the Fuzztones and later became lead singer of The Raunch Hands.

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  1. I remember buying this one, at Midnight itself, I believe. I used to use \”Rockin\’ Rhythm\” for promos for my radio show as an undergrad in the mid-80s. These days Chandler\’s back in NYC and singing (and playing harmonica) with the VERY cool Chandler & the Chasers, as well as shaking the maraccas (and vocalizing on a couple songs) with Edison Rocket Train (led by Raunch Hands\’ drummer Mike \”Sharky\” Edison).

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