LOS COVERS – \’I Try\’ / \’Can\’t Stop This Feelin\’ / \’Nothing to Say\’ (Thunder Pussy 007) 1995

Spanish mod band Los Covers appear to have a fixation with their English heroes The Small Faces and The Spencer Davis Group in equal measure. I can take or leave \’Can\’t Stop This Feelin\’ and \’I Try\’ which are a little bit too souly for my tastes but \’Nothing To Say\’ fits my criteria nicely.

This one sounds much more R&B but retains that element of soul ala Small Faces. It\’s also got a swirling organ sound that I know plenty of people dig!

Xoel Lopez (guitar and vocals)
Nacho Mora (bass)
Marcos Collantes (drums)
Patricia Keina (organ)

Recorded and mixed at Odds Studios, Gijon on 29th October 1995.
Produced by Felix Dominquez

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