THE CRIMSON SHADOWS – \’It\’s Cold\’ / \’I Want You To Leave Me\’ / \’Night Of The Maniacs\’ (Mystery Scene EP) 1987

Snotty teen punks from Sweden who were short lived, released a couple of records, drank beer, played a handful of gigs then fell out before splitting for good. The tracks on this EP were never released when they were around. The recordings were made at Siljans Studio on the 13th and 14th September 1985, apart from the throwaway \’Night Of The Maniacs\’ which was recorded in Peter Maniette\’s kitchen.

\’It\’s Cold\’ written by Mans Mansson is the gem here. It\’s a very sloppy punker full of bum notes and with some good garage vocals from Jens Lindberg. It really stands out. Could possibly have been a \’proper\’ 45 had they stayed around long enough.

Henrik Orrje (harmonica and tambourine)
Peter Maniette (farfisa and vox)
Mans Mansson (guitar and vocals)
Johan Maniette (drums)
Jens Lindberg (bass and vocals)

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