THE JAYBIRDS – \’Save My Soul\’ / \’King Lonely The Blue\’ / \’Shake\’ / \’Baby I Need\’ (Animal Records s040) 1996

Perennial favourites at Expo67 HQ are of course The Jaybirds. On this obscure and now hard to find EP on Animal Records, the Austrian purists take some freakbeat pills and turn in four classy scorchin\’ snarlers.

\’Save My Soul\’ originally by The Wimple Winch is a note perfect rendition, almost identical to the original with the slow build up before cruising into thunderous freakbeat punk, closing with some cool fuzzy wah wah.
A Tim Rose cover \’King Lonely The Blue\’ is next up and is again firmly centred around prime \’66 mod/beat. It\’s a very purist approach. These guys certainly know how to get \’that\’ sound. Nice soulful vocals struggle to be heard over the throbbing bass and fuzzy punk guitars.

The second side of the EP starts with a cover of the often covered \’Shake\’. This is a song I\’ve never had much feelings for. Just too souly for me. Fortunately The Jaybirds turn it into a rave-up and come off sounding like The Sorrows.
\’Baby I Need\’ once again flicks on the freakbeat switch. I\’ve got no clue if this is an original or not. If anyone knows for sure let me know….thanks

The Jaybirds recorded these four tracks at EKM Studio, Vienna in November 1996 and according to the sleeve notes the songs were live favourites and the band decided to record them soon after the release of their acclaimed LP \’Going Our Own Ways\’.

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  1. hi there,this record was recorded in 96/97 during the recordingsessions for our second lp, but it was released in the end of 99. the song \”baby i need\” is an original of the british freakbeatband \”the kingpins\” from 66.cheers patrick \”jaybird\” nagl

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