KNAVE – Bachelor


KNAVE – \’Bachelor\’ / \’Candy\’ (Detour Records DR037) 1996

\’Bachelor\’ is a storming hammond mod floor filler but \’Candy\’ is a disappointment. I think the pic cover is excellent. The modsters threads are hanging nicely on the wall above his bed, there are nude pictures on the wall as well as a band shot of The Who and records and dirty plates litter the floor. ha ha ha ….
Here\’s what the cover liners said about the band….

From the depths of London we\’ve seen many a great young band, but after listening to this 45 rpm gem, you can write the majority of \’em off.
Recorded at London\’s legendary Toe-Rag Studios, you know exactly what yer gonna get. Great hammond fueled, 60s influenced, lyrically brilliant, in yer face wonderment.
Jon-Paul Harper is renowned for his excellence with a pen and is pretty good on the \’ol guitar too. The one and only Trevor French has a voice that any budding young vocalist would die for, taking you back to the days when Steve Marriott packed the Palladium. With the bass talent of Steve Duffield, alongside Paul Newman\’s crazy hammond antics and the retiring young Stephen Mason thrashing that kit, they travel the world in their well known and much loved ambulance. Knave are the band to keep your eyes on…..

There\’s nothing like self promotion but the production by future White Stripes Producer Liam Watson is good, very good!!!

\’Bachelor\’ is ready to dig in stereo!

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