The MOURNING AFTER – She Means Nothing To Me


The MOURNING AFTER – \’She Means Nothing To Me\’ / \’Day Tripper\’ (Detour Records 072) 1999

This was The Mourning After\’s third and final release on the Detour label. In fact it has proved to be their final ever 45 which is a shame because I think they finally got a sound down on vinyl that does them justice. So many of their previous releases have been hampered by \’modern\’ production. I\’m something of a purist and modern production doesn\’t do much for me at all.

Still, The Mourning After were never a purist band. Hell, they very rarely did any cover versions live. Chris Blackburn always had enough crypt kickers of his own. And that my friends is where The Mourning After were ahead of the game in some respects. The original line up really rocked in the live domain.

\’She Means Nothing To Me\’ starts off with pumping bass lines before rockin\’ into the some cool guitar and organ. I also dig the background female vocals that really add a sinister touch. Listen out for the killer guitar break. This may also be Chris\’ strongest ever lead vocal.

The flip is a version of The Beatles tune \’Day Tripper\’ and is the only cover they\’ve released on record.. This time around it\’s Fee\’s chance to shine. I really dig her vocals. It\’s a shame this was the first and last time they were used. Nice to see them still using a Mourning After logo I designed for them way back in the 80s. This was meant for the drum kit but it looks good revolving around my turntable at 45 r.p.m.

\’She Means Nothing To Me\’ and \’Day Tripper\’ MP3s below.

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  1. For anyone interested, The Mourning After are playing with The Frank Gannon Trio at a night of garage, surf, trash rockabilly & sleaze at the Town Mill, Mansfield on easter Sunday night.Matt, Worksop

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