THE BARRACUDAS – THE K.G.B. (Made A Man Out Of Me)


THE BARRACUDAS – \’I Can\’t Pretend\’ / The K.G.B. (Made A Man Out Of Me)\’ (Zonophone Z17) 1981

Outstanding double sided garage rock inspired 45 by my all time faves The Barracudas. The top side is the Robin Wills original \’I Can\’t Pretend\’. It\’s only vaguely 60s though. It has the appealing commercial hooks of prime time \’66 but this has a more 70s punk attitude.

\’The K.G.B. (Made A Man Out Of Me)\’ is just as cool with a killer punk beat and a very nice guitar break. I really dig Nicky Turner\’s drumming on this track. This song was not part of the \’Drop Out With The Barracudas\’ LP released on Voxx Records in 1982 so maybe many of you won\’t have heard it before.

The Barracudas skirted with UK chart fame with \’Summer Fun\’, even appearing on TOTP. I finally saw this TV action a few years ago and was astonished how bad Jeremy Gluck was. He must have took a few too many lines of speed in the \’Green\’ room or something that evening?

Jeremy Gluck (vocals)
Nicky Turner (drums)
Robin Wills (guitar)
David Buckley (bass)

\’The K.G.B. (Made A Man Out Of Me)\’ was recorded at Manchester Square Studios.
\’I Can\’t Pretend\’ was recorded at Rockfield Studios.

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