PAUL PARRISH – The Forest Of My Mind

PAUL PARRISH – \’The Forest Of My Mind\’ (Music Factory MFS-12,001) 1968

I\’ve been pulling out some vinyl LPs from the EXPO67 archives at the weekend and this one from the porno \’tashed Paul Parrish got tons of plays. infact I decided to master it to CDR in stereo. Bit of a challenge because I normally just master mono 45s.

If you dig Donovan you\’ll need to get yourself a copy of this album. Don\’t let the facial hair put you off. Just dig the music maan, it\’s cool as fuck! This guy has a soft mellow vocal and the songs are mini psych pop masterpieces with psychedelic orchestration, phazing and sound effects.

The song titles put you in the picture of what Paul Parrish is all about. My guess is that he\’s a hippie nature boy. Take your pick from \’English Sparrows\’, \’Walking In The Forest (Of My Mind), \’The White Birds\’, \’Flowers In The Park\’ and a silky version of The Beatles \’You\’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.\’ There\’s even a funky cover of the soul standard \’I Can\’t Help Myself\’.

I don\’t think Mr Parrish was a tripper in \’69, more of a spliff merchant….

update: 12/11/13
According to an on-line source (MGM Studio archives) both sides of the single \’Walking In The Forest (Of My Mind)\’/\’The White Birds (Return To Warm Seas)\’ (taken from the album) were recorded at MGM Studios, NYC on 13th March 1968.

album produced by Clay McMurray for Sussex Productions Inc.
Arrangements by Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey.
Recorded at Tera Shirma Studios, Detroit, Michigan.

Producer/engineer Clay McMurray is best known for Spyder Turner\’s version of Ben E. King\’s \”Stand By Me,\” a Top 20 pop hit that peaked at number 12 on February 11, 1967.
McMurray is also known for co-writing (with Gloria Jones and Pam Sawyer) the classic ballad \”If I Were Your Woman.\” McMurray produced the first hit version for Gladys Knight and the Pips when they were signed to Motown\’s subsidiary Soul label. The single went to number one R&B on January 23, 1971, and Top Ten pop in February 1971, going gold.
An album, If I Were Your Woman, was released April 1971 and included the excellent ballad \”I Don\’t Want to Do Wrong\” (Top Ten R&B) and covers of Sly and the Family Stone\’s \”Everybody\’s a Star\” and Joe Cocker\’s \”Feelin\’ Alright.\”  (AllMusic)

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