RANDY FULLER – 1,000 Miles Into Space

RANDY FULLER – \’1,000 Miles Into Space\’ (Show Town 482) 1967

It’s interesting to see how folks perceived outer space back in 1967, before we had yet to even walk on the moon. Randy Fuller proudly proclaims to be “1,000 Miles Into Space” on this 1967 single – sadly, what probably seemed like a trans-galactic expedition to Randy barely puts him out of Earth’s atmosphere, and still a healthy 238,000 miles away from our Moon.

That’s not to take anything away from him – he probably just wants to take advantage of the popularity of “Star Trek”, which began one year earlier, and even if his figures don’t add up, he still creates a wondrously trippy little popsike masterpiece here. Sounds to me like he’s even invaded some of Gene Roddenberry’s sound effects vaults, because “1,000 Miles Into Space” opens with some wonderful 60’s space sound effects, before launching into the main riff with some cool tremolo wah wah guitar.

Randy even sings like he might be floating somewhere in space – and by that, he assumes there’ll be some lounge bars in Skylab, where his groovy mellow dinner club vocals bring to mind the soft pop psych stylings of Strawberry Alarm Clock or a really stoned Fever Tree ballad.

Lest you forget that he’s a full “1,000 miles into space” at any point during the song (and really, how could you?), the outer space sound effects library kicks in at the end of each verse, along with the trippy Syd Barrett wah wah licks. There’ s also some fuzz guitar too – wicked Byrds-inspired electric fuzz distortion – and the general vibe you get from this little gem is that, if Curt Boettcher had one of his late 60’s bands cover the Byrds’ “CTA-102”, it might’ve sounded a lot like this. As it turns out, Randy’s impetus is simple. It’s love that’s sending him “1,000 miles into space.” Which, as an alternate to RP-1 kerosene, liquid oxygen and hydrazine, is a far, far less efficient rocket fuel. Next time, Randy, just go to Paris.

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