The KITCHEN CINQ – Everything But … LP mono mix (LHI Records 12000) 1967

Someone recently asked me for MP3s by The Kitchen Cinq. Now I can\’t really be arsed to download MP3s then upload then onto my blog or send them out via email. I only do MP3s when I\’ve got bags of time to spare. At the moment I don\’t have much spare time.

The solution was to send this fellow a CDR of the mono mix of the still unre-issued Kitchen Cinq LP plus four of their 45s I\’ve managed to acquire over the years. The CDR sounds far superior than any MP3 could and because all tracks are in mono the sound is killer!!!

If you dig folk rock ala Blue Things or Beau Brummels with a touch of fuzz action you\’re bound to flip to The Kitchen Cinq. These boys had a real tough folk rock sound. The later 45s are pop psych coolness.

So on this CDR are the following tracks:

01 You\’ll Be Sorry Some Day
02 Solitary Man
03 Determination
04 Please Come Back To Me
05 Codine
06 Young Boy
07 Last Chance To Turn Around
08 Still In Love With You Baby
09 If You Think
10 I Can\’t Let Go
11 Need All The Help I Can Get


12 Determination (LHI Records 17000) 1967
13 You\’ll Be Sorry Some Day (LHI Records 17000) 1967
14 Still In Love With You Baby (LHI Records 17010) 1967
15 (Ellen\’s Fancies) Ride The Wind (LHI Records 17010) 1967
16 The Street Song (LHI Records 17015) 1967
17 When The Rainbow Disappears (LHI Records 17015) 1967
18 The Minstrel (Decca 32374) 1968
19 She\’s So Fine (Decca 32374) 1968

* I\’m missing their first 45 on Decca \’Good Lovin\’ / \’For Never We Meet\’ (Decca 32262) 1968
And also the 45 by the previous incarnation The Y\’alls titled \’Run For Your Life\’ / \’Please Come Back\’ (Ruff 1016) 1966.

I\’m surprised no re-issue label has compiled their sides onto a CD. The strong material would make a welcome \’official\’ compilation.
Until then I\’m offering my Kitchen Cinq CDR for FREE. You pay £3 postage, packing, artwork and paypal charge for a copy in the UK. £4 European countries or £5 to USA.
Get in touch if interested.


  1. The guy from Garage Rock relaesed a 2 cd of the Kitchen Cinq some years agoJoe

  2. I know he did and I got a copy along with The Yellow Payges but quite frankly they sound well below par. My master is a sonic upgrade and blows those things away.If you wanna spend your money on those go ahead punk and make my day.Too bad I\’ve only got 2 copies left. Once they are gone that\’s it…

  3. I don\’t suppose you\’ve still got any cd-r\’s left?????????????I\’ll give you my personal details if you have.I can\’t remember my log-in details, and it\’s late.

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