GEOFFREY STEVENS – \’Grape Jelly Love\’ / \’Do That Again\’ (York Records 407) July 1967

When I bought this 45 I was expecting bubblegum. With a title like \’Grape Jelly Love\’ that was a safe bet right? WRONG!
Geoffrey Stevens offers up two self penned pop psych classics.
\’Grape Jelly Love\’ has since turned up on Fading Yellow Volume 6. I\’ve checked their liners and Geoffrey Stevens is a complete mystery.

A search on the cool Searchin\’ For Shakes database suggested a UK origin. I reckon this is completely wrong, but I\’m open for jelly love, advice and information. Also when was the record released?

\’Grape Jelly Love\’ sounds like Paul Parrish songs from his \’The Forest Of My Mind\’ LP on Music Factory. It\’s a pop psych delight with trippy whispered vocals near the end. I really dig this tune. Very catchy and memorable.

The other side \’Do That Again\’ is also very good with a similar sound and pop psych reverie. Delightful arrangement from Harold Battiste who had also worked with Cher. This track remains uncompiled.


  1. Absolutely charming and endearing ditty. Another example of a great song lost among so many others from that era. Nice to see the actual 45. Thanks

  2. I've long since grown used to tracks that turn up on the Fading Yellow comps being completely untraceable in the real world. I hypothesize that they exist only in (a) a Schrodingerian quantum physics sense or (b) in a Borgesian library of possible music. Either way, they are clearly notional at best. So it's amusing to see someone posting a photo of the label of a single off the comps. Well done. Highly convincing.Tom

  3. The Geoffrey Stevens who wrote and sang these songs was my late brother. He wrote many songs dating back to the 1960's. Bobby Darin and Noel Harrison cut records with some of my brother's songs.

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