The TELSTARS – Love For A Lady In Grey (3B’s RECORDS) 1967


THE TELSTARS – ’Love For A Lady In Grey’ / ’David’s Mood’ (3B\’S Records) 1967

Here’s a obscure 45 by a band called The Telstars. That name must have been so dated by 1967 and it appears that this record is their only offering. I’m pretty certain both sides remain uncompiled.

’Love For A Lady In Grey’ is the most appealing. The vocals sound flanged and trippy. Very much of the time. I also dig the organ sound on this record. In fact the organ is very much the dominant instrument on both sides of the disc.

The flip is a frat instrumental called ’David’s Mood’. The writer credit is Dave Lewis so I’m assuming it was this Dave who was in a mood.

3B’S Records were based (I think) in Boston, Mass. The 3B’S Records name may have been derived because three of the band members surname began with a B…. or the label may have been named after the Vox Continental organ B-3…. Wow, at this rate Columbo is gonna be out of a job. If anyone knows the low down please get in touch.

Dennis Burdick (drums)
Gardner Berry (organ)
Frank Smith (bass)
William Blaine (guitar)

Dennis Burdick from The Telstars emailed me recently with the following information. Thanks Dennis.

The Telstars were from New Hampshire: Dennis, Derry; Bill and Frank, Hampstead and Gardner, Kingston. Formed in 1963 and final line-up was June of 1964 until May of 1969. 3B’S label name was tricky and to date has not been figured out.

The 3 B(s) were Berry, Blaine and Burdick while the S was Smith. David’s move was our theme song which we opened and closed with and was written by David Lewis of the ”Louie, Louie” Kingsmen and was released by Jack Ely and the Courtsmen. The record was produced by Ron Paul a disc jockey on WMEX in Boston.

The band played throughout NH, Maine, Vermont and
Massachusetts. A very successful reunion concert happened in Derry, NH on Aug 6th, 1991.

The band opened for The Music Explosion in York, Me at the York Beach Casino in 67. The band appeared with Boston’s WBZ jocks Dave Maynard and Ron Landry at Canobie Lake Park and Boston’s Where It’s At respectfully.

We were a cover band covering a lot of soul along with good top 40 rock ’n roll but did more Rascals tunes than anyone else. We played mostly teen dances at summer venues, schools and various youth organizations; frat parties at Dartmouth, UNH, New
England College, NH College and others.

The name was outdated quickly but with a strong following it was hard to change. We are best remembered for being the feature act at the annual Labor Day festival in Derry, five years running.

We performed on a flat bed truck in the huge parade which became our stage at the outdoor festival where we played throughout the day and we were the last actbefore the fireworks finale.
Thanks for including us.

Dennis Burdick

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  1. I had a 45 of the Telstars called \”Keep On Running\”, which was also performed by the Spencer Davis Group.Ron Smith

  2. Follow-up: the song \”Keep On Running\” was the first #1 hit for the Spencer Davis Group in 1965. Ron Smith

  3. There was a 4 piece band called the Telstars that played regularly at The Bayou, a major live music club in Washington, DC. Their signature look was long, teased-up hair giving them a kind of other-worldly look. I wonder if it is the same Telstars on your blog.

  4. the telstars were great–terry the bass player was the lead singer, ronnie wilson was the drummer, jimmy madox was the sax and guitar and gary was lead guitarterry lives in fla and ronnie wilson sales cars in northern vai would love to hear the 45 that they madejim vaughan

  5. Yes \”The Telstars\” Played at the Bayou in Georgetown,D.C.Ronnie Wilson,Jimmy Madox,Terry,and Gary were the original Telstars.When the Band did a makeover i went with the Band to Macks Club on 34th and M streets in D.C.Ronnie Wilson was the Drummer also Me Guy Taylor guitar,keyboard and vocals,Jimmy on Guitar(Toby Taylor)and i think Mickey on Bass. I am old now so memory lolol.We were there during the late 60\’s,across the corner from The Cellar Door.What a wonderful time.If anyone has pics of the Telstars from the Bayouu and or Macks please send them to me. tyvm.

  6. I am writting about the Telstars from the DC area. I see that everybody's last name was mentioned but the Guitar plyer Gary. His last name is Johnson and if anyone knows of his where abouts in NC PLEASE ask him to get in touch with Patty Lennon from the house on High Street in Chevy Chase. Thanks so

  7. I was the producer and manager of THE TELSTARS. We did record \”KEEP ON RUNNING\” for Columbia records. Terry's last name was Gorka. I also managed and produced THE MADHATTERS, and THE FALLEN ANGELS. My name was, and still is, Barry Seidel.

  8. I almost lived at the Bayou when the Telstars played there. Also use to go to Sam's Place to see the Fallen Angels. I have 2 45's from the Telstars – Keep on Running & Hold tight – Love is a River & Sweet Little Angel. Wish I could go back to those days. Way too much fun.

  9. Once again …Hello Everyone,I have been looking for a couple years for Gary Johnson of The Telstars and Prospect and High! If ANYONE knows anything about him please let me know. If you know him please tell him Patty is looking for him. Last known address was in NC USA. Thanks Anonymous for emailing me this site again. …patty

  10. I knew the Telstars well, met thm in Norfolk Va. Saw the many times at the Beachcomber in OC Maryland and the Bayou in DC. I MAY also have two 7in. real to real recordings of them from the Beachcomber and the Bayou. Any one know where they are now?

  11. Hello to all, Just got a repeat of the first post I saw on this site. Toby has been great to me as I search for my old brother, Gary Johnson. I am still looking for him and some one out there knows the information I am looking for. I really want and need to find out soon. Thank you, patty Lennon Hanley

  12. GuyIt is Jimmy MacFarlane.I was in that group with you. I tried to add a long message to you on this site. It did not post.Jim….443-542-7045

  13. GuyWe played with Ronnie Wilson at Macs Pub (not club). Dickie Thompson was the bass player, not Mickey.Dickie and I were in the Reachers before that, we played at The Corral on M Street. We backed up the Telstars at the Bayou when they had other stuff to do.Barry, you also managed us for a short time, The Reachers. You got us in Macs Pub and then later, I think it was called The Rogue, on Bladensburg Road.Thumper, John Molloy was our drummer with the Reachers. He left and went with the Fallen Angels.Guy, I have an old reel to reel tape of us at Macs. It broke during our 1st set. We did a great job on The 1941 Mining Disaster (BeeGees), Whats Your Name, Come On Up (Rascals) and Do Something to Me (Tommy James).My favorite was Be my baby (Ronettes). You did a great job on Sealed With A Kiss.Later

  14. To be more exact:The Reachers played at the Bayou on, May 26, 1967, June 3 & June 24th, July 10-12, 1967, Aug 9th and 16th and 30, 1967. We were the back-up band for the Telstars at the Bayou when they had other gigs.We played full time at The Corral on M Street. We played from Aug 1967 to Dec 1967 full time. Also played at the Hurricaine (Round Table)many times to fill in for the British Walkers.The Corral closed and the Telstars broke up. Ronnie Wisson called and ask me and Dickie to join the new Telstars with somebody named Guy Taylor. We did all join and played at Macs Pub on M Street for about a year.Our drummer, John Malloy (Thumper) left the Reachers to join the Fallen Angels after our gigs at the BayouBarry you actually managed The Reachers too (you put us in Macs Pub and the Rogue on Bladensburg Rd).Patty, I cant really help you with Gary!We went there every night after practice to learn from them. Put I never really got to know Gary, he was very quiey. We did learn from them but mostly Jimmy and Gary and just us watching them and their chord progressions and harmony.The original Telstars that we knew were…Terry – on bass and lead vocals, Jimmy Carter on lead guitar and high harmony vocals (no sax), Gary Johnson on guitar and vocals and Ronnie Wilson on drums . Remember we took over this band with Ronnie.Ronnie wanted it to be be called Ronnie Wilson and The Telestars. NO WAY.I did get him to cut that goofy hair style.Jimmy Carter never wore that dumb hair-doo.We, The Reachers, also played weekly for Cousin Duffy at WPGC at St Marys Church on Saturdays before going back to the Corral.Joanie, Shari,Saturday..etc are any of you out there?Jimmy MacFarlane

  15. Jimmy Mac,It's Molloy and my house back then was 5519 Prospect Street. Jack Bryant, Wally Cook, Me Thumper, Billy Hancock and sometimes C.J. have been playing for several months now. Saturday (Rebecca) came to see us at Jaxx a couple of weeks ago. I'm at 301-491-2003 and Wally and I live in Hagerstown.

  16. hi my name is Dave Lilling we are at work on a documentary about the Bayou night club spanning the entire spectrum of the club from 1953 to its closing on December 31, 1998. We have a Facebook page set up called the Bayou in Georgetown, theres another page thats called friends of the bayou that has no administrator. We will be posting updates on the Doc as well out take video clips. We are also looking for any photos memorabilia you wish to send to us that we can use in the project. Maryland Public Television has agreed to run the doc and send it out to other pbs stations across the country for pickup.. any questions please email me at or call me at 301-608-9077thanks !

  17. My name is Dave Lilling my company MTI has been working on a documentary of the club. We invite you to join the Bayou in Georgetown Facebook page where we will post an update about the doc and also outtake video clips. My email is or call me at 301-608-9077 we are also looking for pictures, memorabilia etc for use in the documentary which is slated for airing on Maryland Public Television and syndicated out to other PBS stations

  18. During that same timeframe, The Telstars opened for a group at the Alexandria Roller Rink……could have been The Doors or Jethro Tull. They had what we thought was a local hit but do not remember the name of the song although it was not a cover of another band. Any idea what that song was?

  19. Fantastic documentary by Dave Lillig mentioned the new documentary which has premiered & been shown several times on local DC PBS stations among others across US called: \”THE BAYOU: DCs KILLER JOINT ~ LAST CALL\” A real must see for DCs hippest 60s+ beyond Georgetown club & incubator for new musical talent you will not believe, Telstars, Foreigner, The boss Bruce, Robt Plant & soooo many more…this is a MUST SEE ~ Legends played here & some were made here !!!

  20. When I saw them at the Beachcomber in Ocean City, MD in '64 or '65 they definitely had a sax player. It was guitar, bass, drums and tenor sax. And they had the Telstar hairdos as well.

  21. Not sure of the Maryland Telstars history prior to Ocean City, but, as written above….. I do believe their first \”wide\” introduction to the MD crowd was at the club Beachcomber in OC…that record at the top of the page has nothing to do with the DC group. It is from another group north of here. Their record with Keep on Running was the local one.Being from Cambridge, 60 miles from OC, we used to drive down to just marvel at the sound they put out at the time, just a 4 piece group that all seemed to look like Jesus…which was even a little radical for DC at the time when they hit the Bayou. Terry and Ronnie and the guys were so personable that one took an immediate liking to the group. Then we went to college at U of MD…and low and behold, there they were in DC at the Bayou. We had started ou own band in Cambridge back then, and we visited the club often for tips and tricks, and tried to emulate them. They took us under their wing and taught us many things…I guess they were like that with everyone. We bought our first Echoplex because they used one! We took much of what they taught us back to Cambridge and grew into a better band. Eventually, we worked the Balt/DC area, with the summer of 1969 spent with Dave Williams playing for 16 weeks at The Crazy Horse on M street. Great summer. Ronnie and the rest were gone from the Bayou by then, but we had a great time in DC that summer. Played several times at the Club 1320 in Va also, a topless club when we played it.Dave's favorite thing to do (if you played for you him you probably remember it) was to pull on his earlobe when you were \”too loud\” and he wanted you to turn down. Glad he went on to greater things, he was a neat guy. Never remember anyone to tell the band to turn down at the Bayou back in the mid '60's! Man, it was loud…..and great.Great job on the documentary and wonderful memories for all those who spent the better part of their life at the Bayou. These are different days and times now, and there probably will never be another place quite like that one was. Rock on all. GW from Cambridge MD.

  22. WOW!! Such memories here for an old DC girl to go back to. I remember all those places in Georgetown, DC in 1969. And the people too! A wild ride down memory lane…….

  23. I played in a band called the \”Terry and the Tune Twisters\” at the time (I know – kind of geeky but it was a name devised by a booking agent for one job – long story), in Norfolk, Virginia. We changed the name to the Elgins (I know – not much better), added a couple new players and played there from early 1962 to about April of 1964. The lead guitar player in the band was Terry Gorka who lived in Guilford Lake, Ohio when we met. I don't know what ever happened to him. There was another player who was in a different band in Norfolk by the name of Jimmy Maddox. I just read your post today (about seven years after its debut) but the two names in the post caught my eye. Maddox I never knew well, but Terry played in our band and I was wondering if you had any further information on him. I think it would be nice to see if I could contact him after all these years. Any help would be appreciated.

  24. Robin I also am wondering how to get in touch with Ronnie Wilson I am his next to oldest son Randy Wilson just wanted to see if he's okay.

  25. Leslie I am Randy Wilson his next to oldest son hope he's doing well

  26. The band that opened for Jethro Tull at the Alexandria Roller Rink was Yes…I was at that concert.

  27. It would be interesting to know how many bands called themselves the Telstars. I came across this post looking for information on the Swedish band who called themselves the Telstars. Their version of Donald Byrd's \”Pentecostal Feeling\” is up on YouTube.

  28. Man….I am depressed from reading above that Ronnie Wilson died in 2016. It was put up by someone other than a relative, but I assume it was true. I posted as The Man (one of the guys from Cambridge) and always held a special place for Ronnie. It had been years since I last saw him or had contact. If, indeed he did die, I am sorry to hear it. I am 70 and he was probably a few years older than I, could have been pushing 75 or more. My thoughts to any of his kids relatives who may be reading this. I knew him back in 1966, and I knew him to be a great guy.

  29. The Telstars, who released the bad*ss cover of the Jackie Edwards penned \”Keep on Running\” on Columbia (45 rpm #4-44141) in 1967 (and a fine cover it is – they give Winwood & co. a run for their money!), were regulars at The Bayou in Washington, DC. A few years back, a documentary about The Bayou was released; here's a link to the trailer for the film in which there are some quick shots of The Telstars, and I think some quick clips of an interview with one of the band members, Ronnie Wilson I believe (I still haven't figured out how to see the whole film):

  30. The sax player was Jimmy Madox. I was a folksinger at the Colonial Hotel. In 64 it was called the Blue Dog East. That was cuz George Stevens of the Blue Dog on York Rd in Balt. was the man. The next year it was named the Wombat. We'd go up to the Beachcomber after our show and hang out with the Telstars to closing. My girlfriend was a go-go dancer at the Bayou in the winter, so I spent some time with them there too. What a great sound they had. Sure would love to hook up…….

  31. I am looking for pics from when the tile stores played the beachcomber every summer in Ocean City Maryland the club pics in the band pics when they were three days ?

  32. Def not, my grandfather ronnie wilson was the drummer of the telstars who was the house band for The Bayou

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