LARRY and the PAPER PROPHETS – Can\’t Sit Around


LARRY and the PAPER PROPHETS – \’Can\’t Sit Around\’ / \’The Only Thing\’ (Epic 5-10186) 1967

This 45 has been one of my favourite garage rockers for years but who were Larry and the Paper Prophets? Were they a real band or a bunch of studio musicians crankin\’ out a couple of tunes with some free studio time? If you know the details let me know…thanks

\’Can\’t Sit Around\’ is a fast paced mover with fuzzy punk leads. This song was co written by Al Lawrence who was the singer with Teddy and the Pandas. He also produced both sides of the disc.

\’Well I can\’t sit around all day and wait for you,
There\’s too many livin\’ things I gotta do.
Now I want you to come along, you know it\’s true.
But I can\’t sit around all day and wait for you.

The flip \’The Only Thing\’ is a little more subdued and folk rockish. This song was written by M.Barton.

I\’m wondering if the Hugh McCracken who arranged both songs was the same guy who was the in demand New York session guitarist who later worked with John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon and Steely Dan (among many others)?

\’Can\’t Sit Around\’ was compiled on Glimpses Volume 3. If you don\’t have that check both sides of the 45 out on Cavestones Volume 2.

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