The MERRY-GO-ROUND – The Merry-Go-Round (A&M Records LP-132) Sept 1967

The Pop Gods shine brightly on The Merry-Go-Round\’s only album. If you don\’t have this LP or the Definitive collection put out by Rev-Ola Records a few years back you\’re missing out.
It should be noted that this record contained no outside material. Every song was a band original with Emitt Rhodes taking the bulk of the songwriting credit. This was uncommon for new bands in the mid 60s.

Rev-Ola elected to go with the stereo mixes for their collection. My LP is the mono mix.


  1. This is a great album, I also have it, although in stereo…I envy your mono copy! I do have a rare 45 copy of \”Live\” in stereo, as well as many other Merry Go Round 45s. One I especially like is \”Tilthe Day After\”. I don\’t have the CD yet but it\’s definitely on my purchase list!

  2. Rhodes was the drummer for the Palace Guard.. a house band at the Hullabaloo [sic] Club. They soon changed their name to the Yellow Payges… Then Rhodes got \”a deal\” with A&M records… JWH

  3. The Palace Guard and Yellow Payges were two completely different groups.. Terry Rae, who replaced Rhodes as drummer in the Palace Guard, did play with Dan Hortter of the Yellow Payges in an early surf/rock group.

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