ROYAL NONESUCH – Why Should I Care


THE ROYAL NONESUCH – \’Why Should I Care\’ / \’Two Can Play That Game\’ (Get Hip GH-121) 1990

I\’ve finally decided it was time to give their second brilliant record some publicity and a chance for you to hear my favourite neo folk punker. \’Why Should I Care?\’ makes my mind hurt because it\’s so good.
I\’m a sucker for jangle and a memorable tune and guess what?…. Yes, \’Why Should I Care?\’ is just perfect.

When i first heard it I thought of The Monkees, then the more I kept playing it I\’ve thought that it sounds like one of those cool Texan folk janglers by The Briks or The Chessmen. But now I just think it\’s The Royal Nonesuch. Whatever, all I know is that Jon McKinney wrote a gem.

I dig the lines:

\’Your love\’s a road that took me nowhere,
Your love\’s a mirror on the wall,
When I need you, you leave me lonely,
You make me sad and that\’s not all.\’

The other side \’Two Can Play That Game\’ is more of a garage punk tune with incessant maracas, harmonica and a cool guitar break.
I don\’t think that many Royal Nonesuch 45s are around anymore. If you see any for sale my advice is to BUY!

Bez Petefish (lead guitar)
John Marshall (drums, vocals)
Walt Ressmeyer (bass)
\’Mad\’ Jon McKinney (guitar)

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