THE ROYAL NONESUCH – \’Something Strange\’ / \’You Need Love\’ (Unlimited Productions UP-45-2) 1987

The Royal Nonesuch are without doubt one of my favourite neo garage bands. I\’m pleased in a way that they only released two 45s because over those four single sides their greatness remains intact. They did not record any mediocrity.

As soon as the needle hits the vinyl you know you\’re in for a treat with \’Something Strange\’. The backwards tape intro is cool and unlike anything the mid 80s garage bands were doing. After the slow intro, the song blasts off into 60s style punk attitude with fuzz and a massive guitar break lasting about 5 seconds (and that prog rock lovers is all you need!!).

According to guitarist Jon McKinney this song was recorded in August 1985 at Ralph Plank\’s studio in Springfield, MO. Four versions of \’Something Strange\’ were recorded and they plumped for the third take as the single. One of the takes featured a farfisa organ and it would be interesting to hear this version if the tape still exists.

The flip \’You Need Love\’ is a cover of the classic Danny and the Counts no hit wonder. It\’s a classy version and note perfect with throbbing fuzz and garage guitar leads. This version was recorded by The Royal Nonesuch on the 2nd September 1986 at Max Evan\’s Rainbow Studio in Kansas City, MO. According to Jon, it was recorded in one take with no over dubs.

This record is one of the best 80s garage punk 45s to own but these days it\’s a rare item and you may have trouble tracking it down. The Royal Nonesuch RULE!





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  1. I loved the Royal Nonesuch. I was a teenager in Germany back then. \”You need love' was one of my absolute favorites back then.

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