The CALLIOPE – a discography

‘Ryan 5’ / ‘I’ll Take It Back’ (Epic 10372) 1968
‘Friends Of Mrs Fisher’ / ‘We’ve Made It’ (Shamley 44013) 1969
‘Clear Mud’ / ‘Wiser’ (Shamley 44020) 1969 also released in the UK on Uni 514 on 16/01/70.

I’m very much interested to know anything about this band that I virtually know nothing about. My understanding is that they hailed from California.

The u-spaces group pin point their location to the Santa Barbara area. Don’t know if this is correct though?

Calliope released three 45s and all sides are good to great psychedelic rock with male/female vocals. I’d place their overall sound with other cool psychedelic bands such as The Neighborhood Children and Yankee Dollar.

If you dig those groups you’ll also dig Calliope. By the way this band should not be confused with New Jersey’s Calliope who released an LP on Buddah titled ‘Steamed’.

All six sides of the groovy Calliope were written by A.J. Andron (that’s all I’ve got to go on) and the Shamley records were produced by Brian Ross.

I was most surprised to know that their final 45 was released in the UK in January 1970. The San Francisco hippie vibes of ‘Clear Mud’ and ‘Wiser’ were no doubt completely lost on the English.

By 1970 the English music scene had moved onto heavy rock and prog. I very much doubt this 45 would ever have been played on the radio unless John Peel gave it a spin.

If anyone knows anything about Calliope get in touch.


  1. ha, yeah i bought \”steamed\” thinking it was the same group. (after hearing something from the incredible sound show lp\’s back when) drat. these singles are all top notch (\’specially \”we\’ve made it\” and the other side of \”ryan 5\”) it\’s really surpriseing they didn\’t get to do at least an LP!interseting, always wanted to know more about these guys.

  2. I was a member of this group until June of 1969. I came to our rehearsal studio and a group was rehearsing without me. I seemed to be on the out so left the band and never heard what happened to the rest of the band. Members include Jim Andron, Jim Saad, Dan Prothroe, Tony Riperetti, Susan ?, and me (John Ray). We were all just out of high school. I thought that we had a good chemistry as far as the writing was concerned. Jim A did the main writing We were all from Santa Barbara and did our best to try to \”make it\”. Jim Andron played the keyboard and some guitar. Tony was the lead guitar. Jim Prothroe play bass, Jim Saad played drums, I played rhythm guitar. Susan played the flute and sang. Lead vocals were done by Jim A and Susan. I sang the high tenor harmony. Besides our own song we played Jefferson Airplane and other period songs. I've always wonder what happened and why. So if anyone else comes across this and knows something I would like to hear from you.

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