THE TROGGS – \’With A Girl Like You\’ / \’I Want You\’ (Fontana 278 128 YF) July 1966

This 45 was the follow up to \’Wild Thing\’ that was a worldwide hit. So it can be safely assumed that our heroes were at the height of their fame. So it\’s always puzzled me why the hell they chose to have a photo shoot wearing their \’Christmas\’ jumpers?!? That gear just ain\’t rock and roll….ha ha ha….Oh well, just as well that the Troggs out punked anyone on the planet back in \’66.

\’With A Girl Like You\’ written by Presley went to Number 1 in England and probably sold more copies on the strength of the previous hit. It\’s got the trademark Reg Presley half sung half spoken vocals with a simple yet effective melody. Sounds to me like they were just after a solid commercial follow up to \’Wild Thing\’. Fortunately it worked, although I much prefer the punky flip.

\’I Want You\’ starts with a menacing plodding beat with Reg saying he \’Wants You\’ and \’Needs You\’. This guy really needs some girl action judging by the primitive sounds from his vocal chords. How could any girl resist Reg Presley in this mood? And colouring the plodding primal beat are some killer guitar breaks. This is such a cool punker. Made sense that their US counterparts MC5 covered it.

The picture sleeve is the Dutch release..

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