THE THIRD BOOTH – ‘Sound Inc’ / ‘Mysteries’ (Thunder Records) 1967

Two sided classic garage punker from little known Canton, Illinois band The Third Booth. This was their only 45 and curiously was reissued in 1968 on Independence although on that release ‘Sound Inc’ was renamed ‘I Need Love’. Both sides were written by J.C. Clore and produced by the band however, on the reissue the production credits were ‘given’ to Jerry Milam.

‘Sound Inc’ rips with cool fuzz, organ and punk sneer. It’s an instant tripper with echoey production and is a big favourite of mine. The flip ‘Mysteries’ is a slower paced mover with some neat harmonies and coming in at 1 minute 40 seconds is pretty short. Would have been a whole lot better with a fuzz solo or maybe some jangle.

Both sides were recorded at Golden Voice Studios, in South Perkin, Illinois 1967.

The reissue on the Indepedence label charted at number 89 on the Chicago/Illinois Hit Parade survey during the week of December 23, 1968. Then sadly The Third Booth were no more…

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  1. Have been looking for this for YEARS! Have you got it posted somewhere or can you recommend where I can find the 45? Or perhaps, is it on a comp you could recommend? Thanks!

  2. these guys were from Canton Illinois,25 mi west of Peoria. small town of 15000. They went to Canton high school same time as I. They called themselves The Third Booth because they decided to form band in third booth at Canton Teen Center. Recorded in Pekin, half way between Canton and Peoria.Same studio Head East recorded Flat as a Pancake LP song Never Been Any Reason.Studio burnt down many years ago.

  3. The actual chart performance of \”I Need Love\” by The Third Booth on the WLS Hit Parade:27 May 1968 #3403 June 1968 #2810 June 1968 #2017 June 1968 # 624 June 1968 # 601 July 1968 # 308 July 1968 # 215 July 1968 # 222 July 1968 # 929 July 1968 #14Top 89 of 1968 (issued 23 December 1968): #89\”I Need Love\” was a garage band recording that was way ahead of its time. Suitably remixed or re-recorded, the record could make the Hot 100 even now, a feat it was unable to achieve then.

  4. I also grew up in Canton. I was 2 or 3 years younger than the band members. The only member I was acquainted with was Debbie Rodney. She was 1 or 2 years older than me and at one time I think she taught my youngest brother some guitar lesson. She was in what I think was a different band that performed for my freshman dance in 1969 — I don't remember the name of that band.Kent WaldropSQL

  5. Kent…Debra Rodney contacted me a few years ago after reading my blog entry about The Third Booth. I sent her a load of questions about the band to get more information but sadly she never responded.

  6. I did a trade with J.C. Clore about 5 years ago. I recorded \”I Need Love\” and he heard about it through some mutual friends. He gave me a virgin copy of the Thunder 45, a cd of his new band, 1 of 2 left of The Third Booth's promo pictures of the band and a Third Booth business card.

  7. I also have an acetate copy of Debbie Rodney's band before the Third Booth called Baby Blue. The song is \”A feeling of Love\”, a folkish love song with electric guitar.

  8. Baby Blue was after The Third Booth. It was an all girl band that started in 1976.

  9. In response to Kent Waldrop's comment, the name of the band was Momentarily which formed early 1970.

  10. Update: I guess I thought that the acetate of Baby Blue sounded so old it was before the 3rd Booth; however,I talked to Debra Rodney a few weeks ago. I e-mailed a copy of a re-make cover of my band recording \”I Need Love\”. Nice person and now a guitar instructor in her area (Peoria).

  11. I was at Golden Voice the day they recorded this, along with some others that hung out there. If I remember right, Dan Fogelberg (the singer/songwriter) and Dan Smith (who was in a really nice local garage band called Thanatopsis) both played on this cut. Third Booth skipped school to take it to WLS. Music director (Gene Taylor or Art Roberts?) gave them the \”gee kids we get a lot of records\” speech. On the way home they heard the song on the radio and nearly ran off the road. Independence gave them a contract, I think it was two singles and an album, but there was all kinds of internal problems with the members of the band and the follow up recording session was pretty bad and never got released. By the way, the Golden Voice studio didn't burn down, the building is now something else. Golden Voice is now in Morton, Illinois, installs sound systems, but does not have a studio anymore. Jerry Milam, I think, is still alive, but retired. He installed some of the best studios in Nashville and elsewhere.

  12. Perhaps not as well known is the fact that \”I Need Love\” also charted respectably on rival Chicago station WCFL 1000 AM:13 June 1968 #1720 June 1968 #1527 July 1968 # 904 July 1968 #1111 July 1968 #1218 July 1968 #1225 July 1968 #12Nevertheless, these weekly rankings were apparently not enough to make that station's last 1968 tally, which consisted of only 30 entries. However, I'm guessing that WLS may have been looking over its shoulder, so to speak, at that WCFL performance to rank it at the bottom (#89) of its own end of the year survey, despite the relatively high rankings (e.g., #2 peak for 2 weeks) on its own weekly chart.

  13. Correction from David:Recently I noted The Third Booth's WCFL weekly chart performance. I can't seem to find any place to correct a typo that I made. Namely, 27 July 1968 should read 27 June 1968. So I wonder if you could make that correction for me. Thanks!

  14. Deb Rodney here:Responding to a comment made by \”Anonymous\” about Dan Fogelberg having played on The Third Booth tracks recorded at Golden Voice Studio in Pekin, Illinois. Nope – never happened! The band members of The Third Booth were the only musicians who played on those tracks. The band line-up at that time was J.C. Clore; Tom Reid; Tim Hackett; Steve; and myself (Deb Rodney)

  15. The origin of the band's name I believe is not as posted but referred to the band's after school hang out which was the third booth of Lewis Rexall Pharmacy just off the square in Canton…the band was the worst of the local garage bands.

  16. I was the lead guitar player in the original Third Booth when JC brought the song he wrote to practice one night. We played the song through a couple times, decided it needed a bridge. JC brought it back to practice the next week, we played it again and it was great. We palyed the song locally and it was an instant favorite with the crowds. We were scheduled to record the song twice but sickness once and weather the second time prevented us from doing it. Time passed, we broke up, went off to college, JC reformed the band and succeeded in getting the song recorded. And, in respone to one of your previous posts, we were one of the hottest garage bands in the area. We drew some of the largest crowds regularly at the local VFW Post ballroom and many other venues. I applaud JC and the reformed Third Booth for getting the song recorded. They did a fantastic job. A little side note, the drummer was at college when the song was first released, and knew nothing about it. He was cruising with some friends listening to the radio when the song came on. He was astounded and told his friends that the song they were playing as a brand new release was in fact the song we used to play when we were in the band. They didn't believe him till he started singing the lyrics with the radio.

  17. Another post to shed some light on the naming of \”The Third Booth,\” from the lead guitar player for the original Third Booth. The history of the group started when four of us were part of a six man group called \”The Le Rogues.\” When the lead singer and guitarist decided to join another band, the four of us, guitar (me), bass, drum, and keyboard (JC), reformed as a group called \”The What 4?\”, a name I believe JC coined, obviously because there were four of us. In time we added two more members, a second guitarist, and a tambourine/maracas player/singer. We had a good solid sound and a great following, but people were asking why we still called ourselves \”The What Four.\” Since we got together after school, as a previous post mentions, in in the third booth of the Lewis Pharmacy soda fountain, in Canton, Il., we decided to name ourselves after that booth. The name stuck and JC continued with it when he reformed the band after most of us left to pursue college, military, and what not. We had a lot of fun. It was a great time to be young and in a band.

  18. Does anyone agree with me that I Need Love is the definition of what garage rock was all about? I cannot think of a better example. They absolutely nailed it!

  19. Hello I write from Spain, and I'm like you, am a big fan of sixties punk music, thanks to all who share information about this great band, a shame that only have a 45, but it would be very interesting that someone edited this rare footage \”i need love\” is a great song, and not all the garage bands of the era had that sound so Punk, with that bass line busting!, those keyboards with harmony and brutality at a time .. . and the start of the song, if you tried to r & b, either because of inexperience in the studio, or playing instruments, or for that energy and teenage angst left them a purely Punk! \”mysteries\” is a simple but very good song and a bit psychedelic! For me certainly, as you said one to another coment, the songs THIRD BOOTH defines a band of genuine garage punk music (with the blessing of Mr.Bonniwell, MUSIC MACHINE course!) Greetings and thanks!BAZOFIA RECORDS,RECORD LABEL FROM SPAIN

  20. I think I knew Tom Reid. When I saw the name of the band it came back to me. Where is he now. Would you know if he went to school in Groveland? I attended school there and that is how I met him. I may know Tim Hackett too. He still lives in the Canton area, if I have all this right.

  21. Very well told. Im very sad to say My Uncle JC Clore passed away this am. Remmincing & reading & good to see someone spot on to the life long stories I have been told growing up. ��

  22. Any information that you all have would be greatly appreciated. I'm working on making a little story for my uncle JCs funeral & appreciate all the info you guys have on this page. I would love to get in contact with band members & maybe even one of them could tell about the band at his service to assure his legacy lives on for his children ❤

  23. Tom Reid did go to Groveland Grade School. He lived 2 doors down from me on Springfield Road before he moved to Banner, Illinois

  24. More like the out go of garage music mixed with the entry of psychedelia in this song. Mainly the \”echo\” and synth sound….not quite sure what made the latter. I should have asked JC when I had him on the phone in about 2000.

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