FIVE SHY – \’Freeloader\’ / \’The Windmill\’ (Columbia C4-2798) March 1968

Obscure Toronto band Five Shy secured a two single record deal with Columbia Records after winning the 1968 CNE Battle Of The Bands contest.
\’Freeloader\’ was primed as their breakthrough 45 in March 1968 but it appears to have sank without trace. It\’s a shame because this song is a pleasant flower power mover, so typical of the late \’67 early \’68 pop psych sound.

\’The Windmill\’ is superior. This one is a mellow baroque slice of psychedelia with strings (I detected a harp) and cool trippy harmonies. Both sides could have been so much better without the \’muddy\’ production.
The flip of Five Shy\’s final 45 \’Try To Be Happy\’ was the opener on Fading Yellow Volume 6.

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  1. Since you printed your review, you have put both sides of this wonderful 45 on \”Gear 9\” and I am very greatful as \”Freeloader\” is excellent but \”The Windmill\” is a song of pure beauty. Many, many thanks Colin.

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