THE CARNIVAL – \’Four Seasons\’ / \’Out Of My Life\’ (Columbia C4-2789) 1968

The Carnival from Kitchener, Ontario released three 45s in 1968 and all are worthy of investigation. The top side \’Four Seasons\’ has been compiled on Fading Yellow Volume 6. This song is a pure Association rip with sunshine pop harmonies underpinned by a barely audible farfisa organ. I wish this could have been louder in the mix. But the melody wins through. You can even forgive the corny flower power lyrics such as:

\’All the flowers blooming,
It\’s nice to be a human\’.

later followed by:

\’All the flowers dying,
Makes you feel like crying\’.

Come to think of it I can\’t forgive those lyrics….ha ha ha

The flip \’Out Of My Life\’ is better. It\’s classy bubblegum pop psych kinda similar to those fantastic Five Americans B-sides. I particularly dig the drum patterns, funky organ and summery ba ba bahh harmonies. This song is a winner.

The flip of their last 45 \’I\’m Going Home Tomorrow\’ was compiled on Fading Yellow Volume 3.

Tim Hallman (piano)
Don Pellow (organ)
Bill Wells (bass)
Bob Brownscombe (guitar/vocals)
Mike Eberle (drums)

Doot Doot Doo Do / Dark Star (Columbia C4-2782) 1968
Four Seasons / Out Of My Life (Columbia C4-2789) 1968
I\’m Going Home Tomorrow / Hi Ho Silver Lining (Columbia C4-2816) 1968


  1. Great site ! Came across it while once again searching for this song Was there a post of the song back in Nov that is no longer here? I\’ve been looking for this song for a long time. Anyway to get audio of it???? Thx !

  2. Both sides of The Carnival 45 will be compiled on Gear! Volume 9.I\’ve no plans to upload any MP3s…

  3. I knew Bob Brownscombe for several years before he died of a heart attack back in 1997. I have a copy of their album that was never released — Keil Heil Kelly. Some good stuff on it.

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